Quote | The bed of Procrustes

Charm is the ability to insult people without offending them; nerdiness the reverse.

For so many, instead of looking for “cause of death” when they expire, we should be looking for “cause of life” when they are still around.1

Social networks present information about what people like; more informative, if, instead, they described what they don’t like.

We are satisfied with natural (or old) objects like vistas or classical paintings but insatiable with technologies, amplifying small improvements in versions, obsessed about 2.0, caught in a mental treadmill.

You exist if and only if your conversation (or writings) cannot be easily reconstructed with clips from other conversations.

Real life (vita beata) is when your choices correspond to your duties.

With regular books, read the text and skip the footnotes; with those written by academics, read the footnotes and skip the text; and with business books, skip both the text and the footnotes.

  1. To put in another way: 有的人死了,他还活着;有的人活着,他已经死了。