Go online, but do not be a narcissist

Today I made it to host this blog on a custom domain. It actually took me some time to come up with axiomolt as the name, a contraction of axiom and molt. Yes I know, the two words are not related at all so you can say axiomolt is nonsense. The main reason I choose it is my first name hides in the first word and the second word carries my unrealistic wish of metamorphosis 1.

Anyway that’s it, I don’t want to spend too much explaining the name like teenagers who are obsessed with a cool ID online. BTW, my first nickname for QQ, an ICQ-like online chatting platform by Tencent, was something like O0o.You. It wasn’t easy to find nice symbols mimicking bubbles, and I even turned to my older cousin for his help.

Back to the topic of “not be a narcissist “. I say a narcissist meaning looking at their reflection incessantly. This blog is a journal open to everyone and a mirror to myself. To some extent customizing the CSS is no different with decorating Qzone during a computer course in middle school. I didn’t build the site from scratch but instead borrow the code written by others and make modifications by coping and pasting other code. Just like Frankenstein built the monster using fleshes by distinct dead bodies, the monster presented here is also a product of pieces of code gathered from the internet.

Tech-liebhaber saying that they focus on contents instead of formats spend quite a lot of time building personal blogs 2 and sharing the procedures or workflows online. But when you have a closer look, you’ll find that’s the main content of the whole blog. Some write and update often, but the topics tend be around coding. Maybe programmers aren’t as sentimental as I am, maybe I just don’t know people who like writing about their emotions.

  1. Due to its thirteen-letter length I didn’t contract metamorphisis

  2. Well, many of them make it the same way as I do.