Low moral thus no guilt

As long as I possess a low moral, I would have little guilt for things I’ve done and not done.

I found this through my degenerate life in the last two years. I was never been scolded or treated harshly by anyone. Am I actually a masochist longing for punishment? I suppose justice failed to bring curse on me for bad things that I’ve done.

So you’re asking what kind of bad things there are. As a student, it’s quite obvious that I did not work hard and do as the curriculum requires. I failed the last examination. I achieved bad grades at anatomy course. It’s not about looking at things from a dark side, instead, I should have a quite just perspective toward things. I know what cause and effect are; I believe in karma and rely on my shallow knowledge about Buddhism. Then it turned out, with a low moral, little guilt occupies my mind and tortures me. Little pain, more happiness, that’s what Schoppenhauer argues, right?